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First Stuttgart Party Raft

Party Raft or beer garden - you may have both!

Feel like on vacation.

In the centre of Stuttgart where Stuttgart and the region are the most beautiful you may leave your daily life behind. Sit back, chill out and enjoy an extraordinary raft tour.


Dive into another world. Enjoy the sunny days with a cool drink in your hand, nice company and relaxing atmosphere. Relish a tasty barbecue and the splendid view of the vineyard landscape along the river Neckar.


It's up to you! Plan your own event:

party or exhibition, team training or family celebration. Stuttgart's party raft makes it possible. A broad access allows even cars to enter the raft. The deck provides plenty of room for exhibitions, decoration, dance floor, buffet or a stage. Your wish is our command.



A smile on your face ...
... and delicious food for a perfect day
Every celebration will be fun for you and your guests
Installation of technical features
For your special private events ...
... or professional purposes ...

During scheduled season ...

the party raft is steadily on tour with round trips, starting from the "Neckar-Käpt'n"piers Wilhelma, Muehlgruen, Max-Eyth-Lake and Muehlhausen.


The party raft offers many possibilities
for joint outdoor experiences:

Take a course in floating (carve wood, build a raft, punt, go fishing, grill). Enjoy a bike tour and take your bikes on board. Enter the raft with your children and bring along their toys. Or make a tour with your dogs and bring your dogs on board to enjoy it! Why don't you tilt sand on deck and create your own beach? Or arrange some cosy lounge furniture and create your own afloat jazz club!

We will be glad to arrange tours with wine tasting, castle visit, with live music and entertainment programme.

Whatever your plan, we won't let you disembark hungry or thirsty. A barbecue grill on deck provides delicious and freshly grilled meals. Cool drinks and ice are always ready for your refreshment. In case of a rain shower we carry along raincoats.


Enormous space for your own ideas

The raft is 25.55m long and 9.8m wide. It has 1.15m freeboard. The space on deck is 15.0 x 7.5m. The seating along the 1m high rail is fix-mounted. The inner table rows are mobile. It is possible to remove all inner tables. Trough this you'll get the huge space of more than 100 qm.
Further information on www.partyfloss.com

Passenger transport

Entirely seated the raft provides room for 200 passengers. Depending on the need for space, buffet, exhibits, seating etc. the capacity of passengers may be reduced. 

On deck

The raft is partially roofed. In case of bad weather a canvas may cover half of the deck.


Take a look at detailed descriptions on: www.partyfloss.com

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