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The Neckar Valley presents itself to visitors as a stress field varied river landscape with vibrant industrial axis: vineyard terraces steep to the River like  amphitheatres, steep forest slopes, an arrow-like diving Kingfisher are impressions, which can be experienced from board. The Neckar holds an outstanding position for the southwest of Germany: as a lifeline of the landscape, as a waterway, as living and experience area, or to produce clean energy.


Here are samples of our new attractive nature cruises:

Cruise to the Neckar paradise "Zugwiesen" Ludwigsburg

Neckarparadies Zugwiesen

2 hours trip from pier Wilhelma with explanations on board, past the Neckar paradises Hofen and Remseck, 2 locks downstream, exit Zugwiesen. Guided tour of the biotope. Attractions are the 1.3 kilometer-long fish ladder and the tower with his Stork's nest. Return by boat from Ludwigsburg-Hoheneck, or with public transport, such as bus stop "Neckarbrücke" (lines 421 and 430).

Cruise to the Nature paradise "Uferwiesen" in Ludwigsburg

Wasservögel nutzen die neuen Rückzugsräume.

2 hour trip from pier Wilhelma downstream, passing the Neckar paradises Hofen and Remseck, to Ludwigsburg-Hoheneck. With explanations on board. Opt-out and visit of the river meadows Hoheneck (Kneipp pool, children's playground, destination restaurant). Return with public transport.

Harbor tour with walk to the Sepulchral Chapel on the Württemberg (Monument of eternal love)

Grabkapelle Württemberg auf dem Rotenberg

70 minutes cruise from pier Wilhelma, passing the locks in Bad Cannstatt and Untertürkheim, past the Mercedes-Benz Museum, round through the harbor, exit in Untertürkheim and hike through the vineyards to the mausoleum. A touching guided tour and the wonderful view of the Neckar Valley - the perfect program for this romantic monument, which tells of the everlasting love of the Royal couple.

Prices on request.

Exclusive raft trip "Stony Neckar Valley" With the raft on the river Neckar: A trip between nature, culture, wine and technology

Mit dem Floß auf Expedition


Towering vineyard terraces with laboriously assembled dry stone walls lined up along the Neckar between Plochingen and Mundelsheim, into a fascinating work of art of rural craftsmanship, which equally deserves natural as well as cultural heritages status. Historians assume that many generations of wine dressers have grown wine on the sun-kissed slopes around thousand years and maintain the terraces with their dry-stone walls. This created not only a significant cultural heritage, but also a valuable Habitat for highly specialized flora and fauna. In one line the walls sum up to 1,800 kilometers!


The aim of the raft trip is to make the participants sensible for the living area of the Neckar Valley which is worth to be protected, in an entertaining way.


Raft cruise with buffet and background information on viticulture in the Middle Neckar region.

For groups of 40 persons and more.

3-hours-event from/to pier Wilhelma. Further wishes can be adapted individually.

Floating Seminar

In cooperation with the Academy for Nature Preservation we offer:

Floating seminar "Journey of discovery on the Neckar - diverse environment, lifeline and economic axis in Baden-Württemberg", especially for students and teachers

Embarking on a journey of discovery on the Neckar River, you experience a varied river landscape as well as a vibrant industrial axis. The participants discover powerful towering vineyard terraces, which are reminiscent of amphitheatre, sloping steeply to the River, jungle-like forest slopes, arrow-like flying by Kingfishers and many other impressions from the ship. Anyway, a new perspective of the landscape will open up on the water. A landscape that is very important for the southwest of Germany: as a lifeline for the flora and fauna, as waterway, for clean energy, and the provision of cooling water.


The aim of the raft trip is to make the participants sensible for the living area of the Neckar Valley which is worth to be protected, in an entertaining way.


Minimum participants: 15 persons.

Start and exit at all liner service stops possible. 

Further information and booking:

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