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Nature Reserve Zugwiesen

Romantic trip to the Nature Reserve Zugwiesen


9.5., 23.5., 13.6., 11.7., 25.7., 7.8, 22.8., 12.9, 26.9.2018

Fri., 12.10.2018

The all day trip through the romantic Neckar valley leads downstream, along some really nice protected nature areas to the Zugwiesen. Accompanied by a park ranger we explore this “Neckar Paradise”. We return comfortably by ship, enjoying coffee and cake.


Departure from pier Wilhelma
A pair of typical Bavarian White sausages is serviced, together with a brezel and sweet mustard.


Arrival at pier Poppenweiler/Zugwiesen
Our guide awaits us.
Walk around the Nature area with explanations.


Boarding again, enjoying coffee and a piece of cake en route back to Stuttgart


Arrival at pier Wilhelma

Tickets: EUR 43.90 incl. guide and food on board 
Reservation and payment in advance is obligatory. 
During these cruises hopping on or off is possible at the piers along the route.

We would be glad to arrange this cruise or other interesting cruises exclusively for your group. Find out more.

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