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Liner Service from pier Wilhelma downstream

Max-Eyth-See-Line: from pier Wilhelma to pier Mühlgrün, passing Münster to the pier at Max-Eyth-See (30 min), reaching lock Hofen, and back. Duration appr. 1 hour. Tickets Adults/children: EUR 9.00/4.50. Return from Max-Eyth-See is possible 1 or 2 hours later.

Tickets adults/children:

- simple journey EUR 7.00/3.50

- complete round EUR 9.00/4.50

- round with interruption EUR 10.00/5.00


Mühlhausen Lock trip: from pier Wilhelma to pier Mühlgrün, passing Münster and Max-Eyth-See, passing lock Hofen, through Mühlhausen and back. Duration appr. 2 hours. Tickets Adults/children 17.80/8.90.
Simple trip: see ticket fares


Relax Coffee trip to Remseck: On Wednesdays. Relaxing trip from pier Wilhelma, passing two locks, through pier Aldingen or Neckargröningen, and back. Duration appr. 2,5 hours. Tickets adults EUR 22.90 incl. coffee and a piece of cake.

Simple trip: see ticket fares



* Landing possible only if enough water depth.

Liner Service from pier Wilhelma upstream

Harbor Line: It leads upstream from Wilhelma (opposite the Zoo Wilhelma) through the Cannstatt lock. Stop at pier Neckar-Park/Mercedes-Benz Welt. The trip continues passing the Untertürkheim lock up to pier Untertürkheim. The following roundtrip through the Stuttgart harbor will show you a lot of interesting things bout shipping and the harbor activities. 

Duration: approx. 2 1/4 hours. Stops refer to plan.

Tickets adults/minors: First leg: EUR 7.00/3.50, following legs: EUR 2.70/1.35,

complete roundtrip: EUR 17.80/8.90

If you intend to board at NeckarPark oder Untertürkheim, please call us one hour before to make sure ththat the boats stops there.


NeckarPark Line: From pier Wilhelma, upstream passing lock Bad Cannstatt, along DAS LEUZE Mineral Spa and the mineral springs in the Neckar, passing the Cannstatt Wasen, through pier NeckarPark, and back. Duration appr. 1 1/4 hour. Tickets adults/children: EUR 9.00/4.50.



Boarding and deboarding possibilities during the trip
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