History of the ships

MS Liberty

The Liberty was built in 1988, and since 1994 it has been on Lake Teu­pitz in Bran­den­burg in use, later on Lake Cons­tance. From 2003 until the end of 2017, the alu­minium ship was in service for the Neckar-Käpt'n on the Neckar river, was ex­tended from 18 m to 25 m and re­built several times. Today it travels in Aus­tria on the Traun­see.


• Length: 25.0 m,
• Width: 4.33 m,
• Load capacity: 25 t,
• 1 salon + 1 open deck,
• maximum 190 persons (incl. open deck).

MS Lichtenstein

MS Lichten­stein, (con­struc­ted in 1961), was on the Neckar in use until 2003. The ship is now called „MS Fried­rich der Große” and was put into service on the Rhine-Herne Canal.

MS Rosenstein

MS Rosenstein, cons­truc­ted in 1959, was placed into service on the river Neckar un­til 1965 and had many names un­til today: “John F. Kennedy”, “Würz­burg”, “Wappen von Fran­ken”, “Franken­land”, today: “Phönix”. It was com­plete­ly re­built in 2006 and is still “afloat”, for the Spree and Havel shipping in Berlin, see link.

MS Berta Epple

MS Berta Epple, today “Le Signac", built in 1958, was com­mis­sioned by the Neckar-Perso­nen-Schiffahrt Berta Epple at the ship­yard Schmidt & Sons, was in service from 1997 to 2004 for the Neckar-Käpt'n. Later it was called “MS Stadt Rees", in Duis­burg on the Rhine in service. Now “Le Signac" is located in Paris on the Seine. Probably the name is in­spired by the artist Paul Signac, Mrs. Ber­ta Epple might have liked that.

MS Dorothea Epple

The Dorothea Epple, today “MS Ger­mania”, was built in 1957 by the ship­­yard Schmidt & Sons on behalf of the Neckar-Perso­nen-Schiffahrt Berta Epple and was in service for the Neckar-Per­sonen­schiffahrt un­til 1964. Later the ship was renamed in “MS Germa­nia” and sold to an owner near Mil­ten­berg on the Main in 2001. Since 2003 it belongs to the yacht club Wert­heim.

MS Wilhelma (I)

Wilhelma (I) was con­struc­ted in 1958, not to be con­fused with Wilhel­ma (II), which is still on the way for the Neckar-Käpt'n today. Until 1962 it was used for the Neckar pas­sen­ger ship­ping, un­for­tu­nately there are no photos avail­able. It was con­verted into a yacht.

MS Stuttgart

The Stuttgart, our “Wedding Ship”, has been built in 1957 and was con­ti­nu­ously in use for the Neckar passenger shipping until 2017. She is now in Belgium, Liège, on the Meuse river. We re­mem­ber with pleasure many beauti­ful trips on the Neckar and lots of in­teresting events. A day in June 1999, when par­a­chute world cham­pi­on Klaus Renz landed exactly on the deck of the Stuttgart after a jump from a height of 2000 meters, is espe­cially re­mem­bered. He precise­ly touched down on the 3 x 3 meter area of the ship's deck.


• Length: 29.30 m,
• Width: 4.88 m,
• Load capacity: 34 t,
3 salons + 2 open decks
for a maximum of 200 persons.

MS Lukullus

In 1962 Berta Epple acquired the de­com­missioned Rhine ferry “Gaby” and changed it into the res­tau­rant ship “Lukullus", built on its con­verted hull. In February 1964 the new res­tau­rant ship, (later disco­theque River­side), was opened and enjoyed many years of great pop­u­lar­ity. On February 28th, 1981, the res­tau­rant ship un­for­tu­nate­ly burned out com­plete­ly and was scrapped.