Pier Ludwigsburg-Poppenweiler

Landing stage Ludwigs­burg-Poppen­weiler

right side of the Neckar, Neckar kilometer 165.8

at ground level, suitable for wheelchairs, ramps and underpass from parking lot

Public Trans­port:
S4, S5 to Ludwigs­burg central bus station, then bus 430 to Burg­halden­straße, 11 minutes on foot to the land­ing stage.
Public transport

Arrival by car:
From Stuttgart/Bad Cannstatt:
via Aldingen-Rems­eck, direction Marbach on the L1100 to the first park­ing bay on the right, (4 cars). The village is on the right side of the moun­tain. The land­ing stage is clearly visible. Some steps to the under­pass, other­wise level entrance.

From Ludwigs­burg:
either via the L1140 and L1100 to Poppen­weiler or via Lud­wigs­burg-Hohen­eck on the L1100 to Poppen­weiler. Park­ing bay on the right and left with four park­ing spaces each.

each in the park­ing bays, so one bus each

Next pier:
Ludwigsburg Hohen­eck, left Neckar side, Neckar kilo­meter 162.5.,
3.5 km water­way, 1 lock.

Cycle and hiking trail on the left Bank of the Neckar. To avoid having to walk along the main road, go to the lock, cross the bridge for about 800 m and then walk on the left side of the Neckar river to Hohen­eck. There you come to the nature reserve Zug­wiesen.