Pier Neckargröningen

Landing stage Remseck-Neckar­gröningen

left side of the Neckar, Neckar kilo­meter 170.1

24 steps up the dam and 24 steps down again*

Public transport:
Under­ground line U12. End stop Rems­eck, busses from Lud­wigs­burg and Waib­lingen (213 and 431), walk about 600 m on the Neckar dam to the jetty.
Public trans­port

Arrival by car:
From Bad Cann­statt direc­tion Al­din­gen / Remseck / Lud­wigs­burg, at the large intersection, (last stop of the tram), drive in the direc­tion of Lud­wigs­burg. Turn right at the petrol station into the village and drive to Wasen­straße.

Coming from Lud­wigs­burg on the L1140: drive to the inter­section Rems­eck drive, straight on in the place, follow the Lud­wigs­bur­ger road to the Wasen­straße. Access to the pier is loca­ted next to the old half-timbered house at the fire depart­ment water taps.

In the town

Next pier:
Remseck / Hoch­berg, right Neckar side, Neckar kilo­meter 168.3.
1.8 km water­way, no lock.

Cycle and hiking trail on the left bank of the Neckar after Hoch­berg. Cross the road bridge in Hoch­berg and then go left about 300 m to the pier.

* (Please under­stand that un­for­tu­nate­ly we can't help wheel­chair users when boarding.)