The Neckar between Plochingen and Heilbronn

The Neckar is a river in Germany, a major tribu­tary of the River Rhine, which it joins at Mann­heim. Rising in the Black Forest, it flows through a steep valley in the Oden­wald hills and passes through Tü­bingen, Nür­tingen, Ess­lingen, Stutt­gart, and Heidel­berg. The total length of the Neckar from its source near Villin­gen-Schwennin­gen to the Rhine is 367 km. The Neckar is navigable for cargo ships up to the river port of Plochin­gen (about 200 km up­stream from Mann­heim).

The Neckar-Käpt’n fleet cruises up­stream from Stuttgart to Plochingen, and down­stream from Stutt­gart to Heil­bronn. The ships are used for day-trips only, as there are no cabins on board. But theo­rect­ically they could go further down­stream to Mann­heim, and further on the River Rhine to Basel or Rotter­dam.

The water­way or Neckar-Käpt'n route can be seen on our Neckar map, see: „Shipping Routes”.

(Source: Akademie für Natur- und Umweltschutz beim Umwelt­minis­terium Baden-Württem­berg – Academy for Nature and Environ­­mental Protec­tion at the Ministry of the Envi­ron­ment Baden-Württem­berg).

The Neckar bend between Mundels­heim and Hessig­heim. Rock gardens, hiking trails and in clear weather a fan­tas­tic view ...