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1. Trip Finder: you can search for our trips and call up suitable de­scrip­tions with all further in­for­ma­tion, directly by using the info button. (See brief de­scrip­tion below. )

2. If you first want to get more in­for­ma­tion about the offer details:
On the pages Liner Services and Event Cruises you can see our offers with trip de­scrip­tions. There you will also find:

  • Liner Services ticket fares, (in the de­scrip­tions and tables),
  • Event Cruises: prices, depar­ture times, (in the de­scrip­tions),
  • All Event Cruises at a glance, (list),
  • Routes and depar­ture times, (tabular).

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  Breaking News
Schedule changes: The symbol for opening the breaking news is a bell. On the start page, you can im­me­di­ately see whether there is a message.

The printed schedule is avail­able during the season on the “Downloads” page and at the ticket office at the pier Wilhelma. Company holidays: 17. 12. 2019 – 31. 1. 2020

Please contact us for ex­tremely short-term ap­point­ments in order to avoid problems.

Trips with this symbol offer re­duc­tions, see: Worth knowing – Goodies.

The Trip Finder

  Trip Finder

Our complete schedule is avail­able via our Trip Finder. You will see the symbol in the main nav­i­gation and also as a button on the pages. You can enter both, desired dates and journey names and find the trips more quickly. We don't depart daily and hope to make your search easier in this form.

You can also use this func­tion to view the entire table and browse at your leisure. On the pages Liner Services and Event Cruises with the trip descriptions you will find all further in­for­ma­tion, (by clicking on the info link in the search result).

1. Trip Finder – date inquiry:

Select the month, day or weekday. The result is dis­played as a table. Arrows on the right, left, below the table allow you to move back and forth. Click on an in­for­ma­tion symbol to get to the trip de­scrip­tion.

2. Trip Finder search box:

In the search field of the Trip Finder: If you already know what you want to book or if you're looking for specific trips, enter the name of the trip. The over­view table is dis­played, where you can call up the trip de­scrip­tions with prices and times via in­for­ma­tion symbol.

Ticket Fares, route plan, departure times

Ticket Fares

You can use the numbers of the piers to determine the prices for the liner ser­vices in the table below, even for partial routes. Al­ter­na­tively, you can open the table as an image.

  1 Bad-Cannstatt / Mühlgrün
  4 Mühlhausen, 5 Aldingen
  6 Neckargröningen, (7 Hochberg)
  8 Poppenweiler / Zugwiesen
  9 LB-Hoheneck
10 Marbach, 11 Benningen
13 Klein Ingersheim
14 Mundelsheim, 15 Hessigheim
16 Felsengärten, 17 Besigheim

* 6 Euro incl. immediate return trip
All other trips in this table, (scheduled trips): return trip surcharge 10.00 Euro on the fare.
Mondays: Day of rest,
company holidays: 17. 12. 2019 - 31. 1. 2020

Toddlers 0 – 3 years: free of charge,
children 4 – 13 years: 50 % reduction,
teenagers 14 – 16 years: 30 % reduction.
  Basic price for bicycles: 3 Euro

Trips with this symbol offer discounts, see: Worth knowing – Goodies.

Further information can be found under: Worth knowing – Important info.

8   10,0014,6016,8023,0026,60

Return surcharge 10 Euro on the one-way ticket!
*6 Euro incl. immediate return trip
(Rotate small smart­phones: land­scape format or open as a picture),
all fares include stat­utory VAT.

Liner service downriver, direction Marbach, Hessigheim, Besigheim

Please note: Some changes may occur.
You will find the update with the Trip Finder and the Breaking News button.

Further information: Worth Knowing – Important Info and: Goodies

Liner service upriver and downriver – short lines

Please note: Some changes may occur.
You will find the update with the Trip Finder and the Breaking News button.

Further information: Worth Knowing – Important Info and: Goodies

All fares are inclusive of statutory VAT.
All liner services take place with a minimum number of 30 persons.
Res­er­va­tions for liner services from 15 or more persons, see also: Worth knowing – Important Info