Liner Service 2019

Hopping on or off is possible at the piers along the route; dif­fer­ent ships are used for our liner service depending on their avail­ability. The ships don't depart daily:

  • Please use the Trip Finder to clarify dates.
  • Prices and departure times can be found in the de­scrip­tions on this page, the de­tailed over­view and route below.
  • Neckar map with piers see: Shipping Routes.
  • Further infor­mation, including departure re­quire­ments under: Worth knowing – Important Info.
  • Reservations are possible for liner services from 15 persons or more.

You have the choice:

Liner service from pier Wilhelma downriver – descriptions

Max-Eyth-See Line

Liner service from pier Wil­helma to pier Mühl­grün, passing Müns­ter to the pier at Max-Eyth-See, (30 minutes), reaching lock Hofen and back.

Duration appr. 1 hour.
Tickets adults/children: 12,00 / 6,00 Euro.
One-way trip: 8,00 / 4,00 Euro.

Mühlhausen Lines 1 and 2

Liner service from pier Wil­helma to pier Mühlgrün, passing Müns­ter and Max-Eyth-See, passing the water­gate Hofen, through Mühl­hausen and back.

Mühlhausen Line 1 departs at 12:30 h,
Mühlhausen Line 2 departs at 15:00 h.

Duration: appr. 2 hours.
Tickets Adults/children: 19,00 / 9,50 Euro,
One-way trip: see ticket fares.

Relax Coffee trip to Remseck

Wednesdays, unless it's a holiday. Relaxing trip from the pier Wil­helma along the city and meadow land­scape towards Rems­eck to the pier Al­dingen and back.

Duration: appr. 2,5 hours.
Departure: 15:00 h,
Tickets adults 24,00 Euro
incl. coffee and a piece of cake.
One-way trip: see ticket fares

Marbach Route

Liner service from the pier Wilhelma to Mühl­grün, past the “Cann­statt Zucker­le” and “Mühl­häuser Steil­lagen” vine­yards and Max-Eyth-See, Stuttgart's largest lake and retreat. After­wards we go through the lock Hofen to the pier Mühl­hau­sen with view to the castle ruin Hofen. From there we pass the forest “Scilla” to Rems­eck.

One of the best wine lo­ca­tions in Württem­berg and the gem of the Cann­­statt vine­yards is the lo­ca­tion “Cann­statt Zuckerle”. The unusual name comes from the “Zuckerberg”, which stretches along the Neckar between Bad Cann­statt and Hofen. The nume­rous terraces supported by walls, which rise steeply and di­rectly from the Neckar, are char­ac­ter­istic of the Zucker­le. Slopes of up to 100 % are not un­common for this land­scape.

The muni­ci­pality of Rems­eck begins with the pier at Al­dingen, with the pier Neckar­­grö­­nin­­gen and the new city beach, where the Rems flows into the Neckar, and the adjoining make­shift jetty at Hoch­berg. Here begins the re­nat­u­ral­ized area “Zug­wiesen”, which is located opposite the pier Poppen­wei­ler. If you want to explore this area, we recommend you to take part in our offer “Roman­tic trip to the nature reserve Zug­wiesen”.

After the lock Poppen­weiler we're passing the “Ufer­wiesen”, past the Hohen­ecker out­door pool to the pier LB-Hohen­eck, with a short way to the spa Hoheneck. After we turned over in Bennin­gen we reach the Schiller town Marbach am Neckar. It is only a few minutes walk from the pier to the historic old town. The Museum of Modern Lit­era­ture and Schiller's birth­place are not the only high­lights of a tour through Marbach.

Duration: approx. 3 hours,
One-way trip: see Ticket Fares

Hessigheim Route

From Wilhema to Marbach please see the de­scrip­tion of the “Marbach Route”.

After Marbach we moor in Benningen behind the bridge house, before we con­tinue after the Pleidels­heim lock to the pier Klein-Ingers­heim. This is where the rock gardens start. Klein-Ingers­heim achieved a high degree of pop­u­lari­ty in the “whole Ländle” through the tele­vision series “Die Kirche bleibt im Dorf”.
We con­tinue to the pier Mundels­heim, with its “Käs­berg” – you can enjoy the beautiful Neckar bend to Hessig­heim.

Duration: approx. 4 hours
One way: See ticket fares

B Line and C Line

Please note:

  • The B Line* starts at the pier Wilhelma, via Besig­heim, ends in Marbach,
  • The C line starts in Mar­bach, via Besigheim, di­rec­tion Wilhelma.

B Line* direc­tion Besig­heim, (out­ward journey), 15 minutes break in Mar­bach, then on­ward journey over Besig­heim.
From the pier Wilhelma to Hessig­heim, please see the de­scrip­tionsMarbach Route and Hessigheim Route” on this page.

Route de­scrip­tion from Hessig­heim towards Besig­heim:
After leaving the Hessig­heimer lock behind us, we reach the pier Felsen­gärten, (Rock Gardens). From there it is not far to the Felsen­garten­kelle­rei, (a well-known winery). Here you will find “wines in an ex­traor­di­nary variety in all quality levels and flavours”. The “Hessig­heimer Rock Gardens” are part of the “Neckar­becken nature reserve” and are among the most im­por­tant geotopes in Germany. The hiking trails offer a wonder­ful view of the Neckar loops. We leave the rock gardens behind us and reach the final pier at Besig­heim. Where the Enz flows into the Neckar river, the medie­val town of Besig­heim is surrounded by fertile vine­yards. In 2010 the MDR declared the city the most beauti­ful wine town in Germany. The B Line ends in Marbach. (The C Line: in the opposite direc­tion.)

Duration: about 7 hours,
Prices: see line prices and information at the bottom of this page.

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Liner services from pier Wilhelma upriver – short lines – descriptions

Harbor Line

It leads from the pier Wilhel­ma through the Bad Cann­statt lock up­stream to the pier Neckar­Park. From here it is only a few steps to the Mercedes-Benz world and the sports stadiums. The trip con­tin­ues through the Unter­türk­heim lock to the pier Unter­türk­heim. A hike to the grave chapel of Württem­berg or a visit to the wine­growers of the popular wine village is rec­om­mended. You will learn a lot of interest­ing facts during the following round through the har­bour. The whole trip takes about 2 1/4 hours.

Duration: approx. 2 1/4 hours.
Tickets adults/minors:
complete roundtrip:
19,00 / 9,50 Euro,
first leg: 8,00 / 4,00 Euro,
following legs: 3,00 / 1,50 Euro.

If you intend to board at NeckarPark or Unter­türk­heim, please call at least one hour in advance to make sure the ship is docking. Phone 0711 54 99 70 60.

Neckar-Park Roundtrip

We start at the pier Wilhelma, through the Bad Cann­statt lock, past the Leuze min­eral bath and the min­eral springs in the Neckar, the Cann­statt Wasen to the pier Neckar­Park and back.

Duration: approx. 1 1/4 hour,
Complete Roundtrip:
Tickets adults/children: 10,00/5,00 Euro,
One-way trip: 8,00/4,00 Euro.

Overview: route plan, prices, departure times

Ticket Fares

You can use the numbers of the piers to determine the prices for the liner ser­vices in the table below, even for partial routes. Al­ter­na­tively, you can open the table as an image.

  1 Bad-Cannstatt / Mühlgrün
  4 Mühlhausen, 5 Aldingen
  6 Neckargröningen, (7 Hochberg)
  8 Poppenweiler / Zugwiesen
  9 LB-Hoheneck
10 Marbach, 11 Benningen
13 Klein Ingersheim
14 Mundelsheim, 15 Hessigheim
16 Felsengärten, 17 Besigheim

* 6 Euro incl. immediate return trip
All other trips in this table, (scheduled trips): return trip surcharge 10.00 Euro on the fare.
Mondays: Day of rest,
company holidays: 17. 12. 2019 - 31. 1. 2020

Toddlers 0 – 3 years: free of charge,
children 4 – 13 years: 50 % reduction,
teenagers 14 – 16 years: 30 % reduction.
  Basic price for bicycles: 3 Euro

Trips with this symbol offer discounts, see: Worth knowing – Goodies.

Further information can be found under: Worth knowing – Important info.

8   10,0014,6016,8023,0026,60

Return surcharge 10 Euro on the one-way ticket!
*6 Euro incl. immediate return trip
(Rotate small smart­phones: land­scape format or open as a picture),
all fares include stat­utory VAT.

Liner service downriver, direction Marbach, Hessigheim, Besigheim

Further information: Worth Knowing – Important Info and: Goodies

Liner service upriver and downriver – short lines

Further information: Worth Knowing – Important Info and: Goodies

All fares are inclusive of statutory VAT.
All liner services take place with a minimum number of 30 persons.
Res­er­va­tions for liner services from 15 or more persons, see also: Worth knowing – Important Info