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Enjoy the romatic landscape of the Neckar Valley, which already Marc Twain once eu­pho­ricly de­scribed. With its charm­ing little wine villages this region is as interesting and nice as its sym­pathic Capital Stuttgart.

Next to the pier in Stuttgart Bad Cann­statt the famous zoo­logical garden Wilhelma is situated. From the Rosen­stein parc the Rosenstein Museum for Paleontol­ogic and Zoologic Sciene looks down to the Neckar Valley. 

A wide range of desti­na­tions are located along the Neckar, for example the new Mercedes-Benz Museum in Unter­türk­heim, the Adventure Park Tripsdrill, the baroque Residential Palace in Ludwigsburg, the Schiller National Museum, the Museum of Modern Literature and the birthplace of Schiller in Marbach

With your admission ticket to one of these museums you can save money, see: Worth knowing: Important Info

At Mundelsheim and Hessigheim our guests can expect the romantic Neckar “loops”. If you start there early and walk along the rock gardens, you can board com­for­ta­bly in the after­noon and relax on the way back, for instance with the Hessig­heim or C Line, over a cup of coffee or a portion of “Maul­taschen”, (well-known swabian pasta), on deck. (Dates: see Trip-Finder).

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Tour suggestions:
Guided boat trips, seminars and educational trips:

In the following we have compiled some suggestions for you. Talk to us.

Cruise to the Neckar biotope “Zugwiesen”, Ludwigsburg

Two hours trip from pier Wil­helma with ex­pla­na­tions on board, past the Neckar paradises Hofen and Rems­eck, 2 locks downs­tream, exit Zugwiesen. Guided tour of the biotope “Zug­wiesen”. At­trac­tions are the 1.3 kilo­meter-long fish ladder and the tower with his Stork's nest.

Return by ship from Ludwigs­burg-Hohen­eck, or with public trans­port, such as bus stop “Neckar­brücke”, (bus lines 421 and 430).

Bookable for groups of 20 persons or more. The precedure is the same as as for public event trips.

Cruise to the renatured banks of the Neckar: “Uferwiesen”, Ludwigsburg

(without guidance)

Two hours trip from pier Wilhelma down­stream, passing the Neckar paradises Hofen and Remseck, to Lud­wigs­burg-Hohen­eck. With ex­pla­na­tions on board. Opt-out and visit of the river “Meadows Hoheneck” (Kneipp pool, children's play­ground, destina­tion restaurant).

Return with public trans­port.

Liner service to Marbach with Far Eastern charm

Experience a romantic trip through the Neckar valley, past the flora and fauna as well as the newly built bio­topes along the banks to Marbach.
After approx. 3 hours drive we reach “Schiller's home­town” Mar­bach. There you will be picked up by the sym­pa­thet­ic Tuk-Tuk owner directly at the Marbach landing stage for a city tour on three wheels.

That means for you: No running or panting, just board and enjoy!
After the trip with the liner ship you'll drive with the Tuk Tuk through the old town, to the Schillerhöhe, past the Alexan­der­kirche into the vine­yards. In between there will be a break with a snack. Those who want to return to Stutt­gart with the liner ship will be brought back to the landing stage on time.

Duration: approx. 5 hours (plus 3 hours when return­ing by boat)

Price on request.
Please note: 4 adults can be taken per tuk tuk (with children up to 6 persons). If there are more, a guest may drive the second Tuk Tuk him­self, (driving license class 3/b is required). A total of 9 people can par­tic­i­pate max. per tour. In ex­cep­tional cases there is a second driver.

More information about the Tuk Tuk tours:
Tuk Tuk Tours Marbach – Christa Schultheiß
Ulrichstraße 53
71672 Marbach am Neckar, Germany
Phone: 0 71 44 / 1 60 20 53 (German)

If you are interested, please contact us in advance, thanks.

Harbor tour with walk to the Sepulchral Chapel on the Württemberg (Monument of eternal love)

70 minutes cruise from pier Wilhelma, passing the locks in Bad Cann­statt and Unter­türk­heim, past the Mercedes-Benz Museum, round through the harbor, exit in Unter­türk­heim and hike through the vine­yards to the mausoleum. A touching guided tour and the wonder­ful view of the Neckar Valley – the perfect program for this romantic mon­u­ment, which tells of the ever­lasting love of the Royal couple. The ex­cellent view into the Neckar valley forms a ferfect con­clusion.

For the hike we recommend good shoes, for example sneakers, hiking boots are not necessary.

For groups of 15 persons or more, only with advance reserva­tion on the harbour line, (Trip Finder).
Price on request. Extra­ordinary dates also on special request, please contact us.
Return by public trans­port

Exclusive raft trip “Stony Neckar Valley”

With the raft on the river Neckar – a trip between nature, culture, wine and tech­nol­ogy

Towering vine­yard terraces with laboriously assembled dry stone walls lined up along the Neckar between Plochin­gen and Mundels­heim, into a fas­ci­nat­ing work of art of rural crafts­man­ship, which equally deserves natural as well as cul­tu­ral heritages status. Historians assume that many genera­tions of wine dressers have grown wine on the sun-kissed slopes around thousand years and main­tain the terraces with their dry-stone walls. This created not only a sig­nif­i­cant cul­tu­ral heritage, but also a valuable Habitat for highly spe­cial­ized flora and fauna. In one line the walls sum up to 1,800 kilo­meters!

The aim of the raft trip is to make the par­tic­i­pants sensible for the living area of the Neckar Valley which is worth to be protected, in an enter­taining way.

Raft cruise with buffet and back­ground inform­a­tion on viti­culture in the Middle Neckar region.
For groups of 40 persons and more.
Three hours event from/to pier Wilhelma.
Further wishes can be adapted in­divid­ually.

In cooperation with the Academy for Nature Preserva­tion we offer:

Floating Seminar

“Journey of discovery on the Neckar - diverse environ­ment, life­line and economic axis in Baden-Württem­berg”, a special recommend­a­tion for students and teachers

Embarking on a journey of discovery on the Neckar River, you ex­perience a varied river land­scape as well as a vibrant industrial axis. The par­tic­i­pants discover power­ful towering vine­yard terraces, which are reminiscent of amphi­theatre, sloping steeply to the River, jungle-like forest slopes, arrow-like flying by King­fishers and many other impressions from the ship. Any­way, a new per­spec­tive of the land­scape will open up on the water. A land­scape that is very im­por­tant for the south­west of Germany: as a life­line for the flora and fauna, as water­way, for clean energy, and the provision of cooling water.

The aim of the raft trip is to make the par­tic­i­pants sensible for the living area of the Neckar Valley which is worth to be pro­tec­ted, in an enter­taining way.

Minimum par­tic­i­pants: 15 persons. 
Start and exit at all liner service stops possible. 

Further information and booking:
Academy for Nature Preserva­tion and Environ­ment Protec­tion at Ministery of Environ­ment Baden-Württemberg

Dillmann­straße 3
70193 Stuttgart
E-mail: umweltakademie(at)
Phone: +49 (0)711 126 2816,
Fax: +49 (0)711 126 2893, (German), (German)