Length: 37.20 m, width: 7.30 m
Bearing capacity (tonnage): 67 t

3 salons + 2 roof-decks with room for al­ter­na­tively:

  • 400 persons (enterity of seats, in­clu­ding roof-decks)
  • 280 persons in closed and heated rooms
  • 250 persons, if a dance floor is used
  • 200 persons, if a dance floor and a buffet are supplied

Standard equipment:

  • kitchen (completely equipped with dishes),
  • table decoration,
  • lighting,
  • transmission set (for MC, CD, micro­phone),
  • heating,
  • windows to be opened,
  • pvc floors,
  • separate toilets,
  • wardrobes,
  • all safety equip­ment in­clu­ding heart defi­brillator.

Seating varieties:

The upper deck is sep­a­rated into two large salons; seating can be (partly) variied.

Two open decks: You can sit there under the open sky, the rear open deck has a small, partial canopy.

The big salon on main deck can be arranged to your desire: as congress seating, bankett seating or standard seating. Free space may be used as dance floor, for pres­enta­tions or actions of (almost) all kind.

The Captain’s Lounge on the forward main deck suits as sep­arate event room or for a buffet.


The passenger ship Wilhelma has been ren­o­vated in 2018.

Wilhelma Upper Deck

Forward main deck, Captain's lounge

Wilhelma Upper Deck Salon

Evening sun on the open forward upper deck

Buffet in the Captain’s Lounge, (example)

Buffet, (Wilhelma Main Deck Salon), example