Technical data:


  • Length: 25.55 m,
  • Width: 9.8 m wide,
  • Freeboard: 1.15 m,
  • Deck area: 15.0 x 7.5 m.

The seating along the 1.10 m high railing is fixed. The inner rows of tables can be removed. This creates a free interior area of over 100 square metres.

Passenger transport:

The raft holds about 200 people with full seating. Depending on the seating arrangement or space requirements for buffets, exhibits etc. the number of seats is reduced.


The responsible skipper is a long-time employee of the Neckar-Käpt'n, who has been navigating the Neckar for 10 years. He is in possession of the inland navigation licence.

Experienced restaurant staff with many years of experience in river cruising takes care of the well-being of the guests.

Seating varieties:

  • Partial roofing: A tarpaulin can be extended over half the deck in bad weather, see illustration.
  • The raft is entered via pedestrian entrances on the long sides. In case there is no suitable mooring place on the shore, the raft carries a movable footbridge as a land connection, which can be laid out with a crane.
  • Two high piles are conspicuous on deck. They serve as "support points" in the event that no landing stage is to be or cannot be approached when stopping. The anchor piles are then lowered into the river bed and anchor the raft in this way so that it cannot drift off even when the current is blowing.
  • In the aft area there is a superstructure with toilets (handicapped accessible), and the galley for serving food and drinks. Here is also the access to the wheelhouse.


The Neckarbesen has been ren­o­vated in 2020.