Welcome aboard!

The varied landscape of the Neckar valley, coupled with the constant crea­tivity and entre­pre­neu­ri­al spirit of its inhab­it­ants, brought us to the Stutt­gart region in 1997, more than twenty years ago. Since then our friends and busi­ness part­ners have grown very close to our hearts.

Thanks to the good coopera­tion with towns and munic­i­pal­i­ties of the region, clients, guests, loyal employees, we have been en­joying run­ning the Neckar-Käpt'n com­pa­ny for over twenty years now. We are looking for­ward to wel­come you on board again soon.

Susanne Thie and Captain Wolfgang Thie work closely together and have kept their love for their profession.

Raft “Christening” on August 23rd, 2008 

While celebrating at the Wilhelma in the 60s style, the grill on the party raft is already running at full speed.

Sixties: Berta Epples cheerful ladies circle with hat, cigarettes and wine

July 1968: The MS Wilhelma is the first passenger ship on the way to the inauguration of the harbor in Plochingen.

Today: MS Wilhelma, (constructed in 1962), was recently refurbished in 1960's style again.