What you should know


Liability and complaints
Further Notices, departure times, requirements, holidays
Advice for wheelchair drivers
Reservation and payment

Savings opportunities,
prices for children,
annual ticket – see “Goodies”

Conditions for tour operators:
please contact us.


Trans­por­ta­tion of bi­cy­cles is not always possible.
Ticket fare for bikes = EUR 10,00, if enough space on board – groups should please book in advance.

Liability and complaints

  • No liability in case of can­cel­la­tions and late arriv­als.
  • Schedule and fare are subject to al­ter­a­tions.
  • No tickets will be reim­bursed in case a pas­sen­ger does not appear for the trip paid for or leaves the ship early.
  • Complaints regarding change or prices for tickets cannot be accepted at a later time.
  • Fee for reim­burse­ment: 6.00 Euro.

In case of any mis­under­standing the printed schedule is binding.

Further Notices, departure times, requirements

  • public holidays as Sun­days,
  • the trips do not take place daily, see the schedule and the Trip Finder,
  • further trips may be arranged for parties having booked in ad­vance,
  • Annual holidays from December 17th, 2019, through January 31st, 2020.

(The printed schedules are available at the beginning of the season at the ticket office at the pier Wilhelma. Printed information cannot be up­dated reg­u­larly, we we kindly ask you to take note of the “breaking news“ on the start page and to use the Trip Finder.)

Advice for wheelchair users

Due to the flood dikes the only oppor­tuni­ty to board a ship at ground level and free of steps is at Ludwigs­burg-Hohen­eck and Hessig­heim.
(Please under­stand that unfor­­tu­­nately we cannot help wheel­­chair users when boarding. We kindly ask for your under­stand­ing.)

Reservation and payment

Payment methods:

You can optionally pay by EC card at the ticket office, (pier Wilhelma), as well as on the ships.


For event cruises1 please always make a reservation. Res­er­va­tions are only possible with ad­vance pay­ment, (free of charge).
For binding res­er­va­tions for liner and event cruises1 a group of 15 persons or more and a con­firma­tion from us is required. (Few or single persons can simply be at the pier 1/2 hour before departure.)

For liner trips, (without ancillary service), res­er­va­tions are only necessary for groups of 15 persons or more.